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Cyprus: A Case Study On The Problems Of Trust

According to the UNDP, solid majorities of both Greek and Turkish Cypriots do not believe that the other side is willing to make the compromises that would be necessary for both to live in the same country in peace.  As … Continue reading

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Bijî Kurdistan

For some time the Kurds have been a people whose fate I have pondered and reflected upon [1].  And there is good reason for that, several good reasons in fact.  For one, as someone who was born to a family … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Discovery Of The Greek Bronze Age

The Discovery Of The Greek Bronze Age, by J. Lesley Fitton This is a book that very much lives up to its name.  Whether or not that is a good thing depends on whether you want to read about the … Continue reading

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What Took You So Long?

Sometimes news happens at inconvenient times.  As I was racing around after work this past Friday, I managed to stop in at my apartment in Vancouver, dropping off books I had read and reviewed, picking up my mail and more … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Kurds: State And Minority In Turkey, Iraq, And Iran

The Kurds:  State And Minority In Turkey, Iraq, And Iran, by James Ciment It is somewhat noteworthy that this particular book is substantially out of date, and worth mentioning how so at the outset.  Seeking to focus on the relationship … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Apostle Paul And The Earliest Churches

Apostle Paul And The Earliest Churches, by Vision Video [Note: This video was provided free of charge by FishFlix in exchange for an honest review.] There is a lot to praise about this video, produced in 2003 with a largely … Continue reading

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Bang Bang (My Neighbor Shot Me Down)

One of the unfortunate spillover effects from the ongoing problems in Syria [1] is the rising tensions between Russia and Turkey, two neighbors who have historically not seen eye to eye for a variety of reasons over a long period … Continue reading

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The Unseen Deeps Of A State

Yesterday I came across an article [1] that dealt with the deep state of Turkey, a nation whose moves towards democracy have been somewhat hindered by a tension between the increasingly Islamist electorate and the military and bureaucracy that since … Continue reading

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You Could Do So Much Better Than This

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to chat with a friendly acquaintance within the Portland congregation who happens to live in a neighboring apartment complex, and after our own customary lengthy conversation, he invited me to meet one of his … Continue reading

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Book Review: From Russia, With Love

From Russia, With Love, by Ian Fleming In the order of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels, this one comes in at fifth, right after Diamonds Are Forever [1], and featuring a bit of commentary about Tiffany Case, the heroine of … Continue reading

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