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Book Review: Lincoln On Leadership

Lincoln On Leadership: Executive Strategies For Tough Times, by Donald t. Phillips I snagged this book, along with a few other ones, on a recent trip to a Gig Harbor independent bookstore that led at least one of my friends … Continue reading

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Non-Book Review: Cushing’s Coup

Cushing’s Coup: The True Story OF How Lt. Col James Cushing And His Filipino Guerrillas Captured Japan’s Plan Z And Changed The Course Of The Pacific War, by Dirk Jan Barreveld So, I received this book this evening from the … Continue reading

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Let Slip The Dogs Of War: Crisis In The Spratly Islands

Right now China and the Philippines are engaging in a diplomacy of brinksmanship that is threatening open warfare in the South China Sea over an uninhabited group of islands that are claimed by half a dozen nations. The islands would … Continue reading

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