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Book Review: Empires Of The Atlantic World

Empires Of The Atlantic World:  Britain And Spain In America, 1492-1830, by J.H. Elliott This is the sort of sprawling, deeply insightful book that well deserves the adjective of magisterial.  Although the author himself freely admits that his comparative history … Continue reading

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Book Review: Tschiffely’s Ride

Tschiffely’s Ride:  Ten Thousnd Miles In The Saddle From Southern Cross To Pole Star, by Aimé Tschiffely It is striking and almost unbelievable to me that this work was rejected by publishers on three continents until the author was helped … Continue reading

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Spain And The American Civil War

One of the forgotten aspects of the American Civil War is the relationship between the United States and Spain, and the impact of America’s fratricidal conflict and Spain’s last-gasp attempt to remain a relevant imperial power in the Americas. In … Continue reading

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Name As Aspiration

Every time I cross into the border of Burma, I laugh a little. These days Burma styles itself as the Union of Myanmar. Burma is not, and has never, been a union. From before the time it gained its independence … Continue reading

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In The Middle of Things

[Note: This entry ended up being sent from Chiang Mai, but it was written on the flight from New York to Hong Kong.] Well, I send this update on my journey from Hong Kong, rather than Chiang Mai as was … Continue reading

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From One Hill Tribe To Another

One of my more obscure research goals is to undertake a comparative ethnology study of hill peoples around the world.  The more one knows about my own personal and family background and interests, the more sense my odd choices of … Continue reading

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Civil War Fantasy Roster: Josiah Gorgas

Continuing on my theme of the Civil War fantasy rosters that I discussed earlier [1], and choosing the second pick to my roster after George Thomas [2], I would like to comment a little bit about the purpose of this … Continue reading

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Double Dipping: On The Ethics of Moonlighting

What are the ethics of moonlighting?  Today I would like to deal with two interrelated problems on moonlighting and ethical corruption.  The first is what circumstances lead to the phenomenon of moonlighting in the first place, and whether there is … Continue reading

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The Swamp War: Costa Rica vs. Nicaragua

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:  a nation lacking any armed forces whatsoever takes its neighbor to the International Court in the Hague over the dredging of a swamp and the nation doing the dredging (which backs up … Continue reading

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Time Well Wasted: An Introduction

[Note:  Among the many completed and unpublished manuscripts I have in my collection of writings in a collection of essays from my Norwich University experience.  The following entry is the short essay I wrote to introduce that series of essays, … Continue reading

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