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Book Review: The Rise Of The Creative Class Revisited

The Rise Of The Creative Class Revisited, by Richard Florida Given that I was not a big fan of the original version of this book, was the revised and updated version of it any better?  I’m not sure, the revised … Continue reading

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Antifa: A Case Study In The Ignorance Of History

Admittedly, I don’t write as much history as I intended to when I started this blog.  I write a fair amount of book reviews that relate to history, and a fair amount of music history as well, but not nearly … Continue reading

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The Awkwardness Of Occupation

Today in Sabbath School I had the lesson of the centurion’s servant being healed.  I have long found this to be an interesting story [1].  Before I discuss this story in greater detail I would like to put all of … Continue reading

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More Than Words

When we are speaking to people face to face, others have the advantage of recognizing our tone and body language, which can help them determine a great deal about us in the course of our interaction. In writing, especially in … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Time Traveler’s Wife

The Time Traveler’s Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger When I started reading this book, the way in which the lead male protagonist, a time-traveler (apparently the politically correct term is “chronologically deficient person”) named Henry spends over a decade preparing his … Continue reading

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