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Book Review: Magna Carta: The Birth Of Liberty

Magna Carta:  The Birth Of Liberty, by Dan Jones While this book may not be the only book about the subject one would want to read, it certainly demonstrates that historian Dan Jones has been able to profitably expand upon … Continue reading

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Someone’s Freedom Is Often Someone Else’s Tyranny

During the Feast of Tabernacles this past year in Suriname, I overheard but did not participate in an argument that dealt with the legal philosophy concerning abortion law in the United States.  According to the woman who was vociferously not … Continue reading

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Filed Away Under Lock And Key

Recently, a friend of mine who is a source of useful and often highly disturbing information about international affairs [1] sent me a piece of information about Egypt’s secret police [2]. I have written before on the troubles in Egypt … Continue reading

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Tyranny Is A School From Which No One Is Ever Permitted To Graduate

Throughout history, the standard line of people defending unjust and tyrannical regimes, whether they be the enslavement of people or the denial of civil rights, has been that the people in question are too barbaric or too immature to use … Continue reading

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The Three Defenestrations Of Prague

[Note: This essay was originally written a few years ago [1], but thanks to some conversation today I have decided to expand on it a little and provide some additional explanations about my favorite form of social protest.] Introduction As … Continue reading

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Uzbekistan And The War On Children

This morning one of my friends sent me a chilling BBC report about life in Uzbekistan that relates simultaneously to several of this blog’s concerns, including the fate of children [1], why no one from Uzbekistan has ever read this … Continue reading

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Countries That Need To Get On The Bandwagon

Update: New views from Sudan and Cyprus, Sudan taken off the list. Guatemala taken off from the list also. Greenland has been taken off the list as well. Both Libya and Burma (Myanmar) have been taken off the list as … Continue reading

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We Once Considered Ourselves The Oppressed

Every once in a while I get in a somewhat poetic mood. Last night as I was preparing to go to bed, and finishing up my reading for the night (book review forthcoming), I thought of the first line of … Continue reading

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Feet Of Iron Mixed With Clay

Governments all around the world right now seem more insecure than usual. Some countries have jail sentences of fifteen or twenty years simply for sending text messages that are deemed to be hostile to the nation’s rulers. And this in … Continue reading

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The Censorship Problem

The struggle over the freedom of the press and expression is a constant battle between our desire to wield our rapier wit or verbal broadsword against the absurdity and corruption of the world around us and our thin-skinned desire to … Continue reading

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