Countries That Need To Get On The Bandwagon

Update: New views from Sudan and Cyprus, Sudan taken off the list. Guatemala taken off from the list also. Greenland has been taken off the list as well. Both Libya and Burma (Myanmar) have been taken off the list as well. Now Afghanistan and Laos have been taken off the list.

Probably more than most bloggers on WordPress, I pay very close attention to the statistics I have on my blog. I have noticed that every day a good 50-75% of my visits from the United States (I would like to know what parts of the US the visits come from so that I could have even more focused information), and that people from most of the world (with large blank spots in Subsaharan Africa and Eastern Asia) have visited my blog. However, there are some notable countries that have not yet visited my blog, and so I’m calling them out Edge Induced Cohesion style.

1. China

Look, I’m aware that my blogs have been banned in China for at least half a decade now [1], and that’s probably not going to change anytime soon. I have no idea what I have said that would be so threatening and dangerous for the average Chinese citizen to read, but it’s more the fact that I am an outspoken and free person who is particularly hostile to authoritarian regimes in general that would that makes my posts unwelcome in China. Nonetheless, 1.2 billion people shouldn’t be denied the opportunity to read these posts I have written about their country just because their country thinks I’m a threat to their local security [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]. So yes, maybe I write about China a lot. It’s a shame that no parts of China apart from Macao and Hong Kong can actually read my blog.

2. South Sudan/Sudan

I’m aware that South Sudan is a new nation and a desperately poor one that probably does not have much high speed internet available in the countries. Nonetheless, I have been a big supporter for their independence [10] [11], so I was hoping that at least someone from Juba (the capital of South Sudan) would be able to get to this website and maybe give some comments about how nation-building is actually progressing there in South Sudan, as the amount of knowledge of what is going on in South Sudan is limited. At least South Sudan has a good excuse as to why none of their citizens have been able to reach my blog yet. I’m sure there is someone in Khartoum that probably has good reason to dislike my support of South Sudan’s independence or who has some comments to make about my interpretation of the lyrics to Living Darfur [13], so why haven’t any Sudanese chosen to join us here on Edge Induced Cohesion?

3. Somalia/Somaliland

So, I have written a lot about Somaliland [13], and a fair amount about Somalia too [14] [15] [16], and yet not a single visit to my blogs has been recorded from either of those countries. Mind you, Somalia is even more desperately poor than South Sudan, and probably even less able to enjoy high speed internet (though I have gotten visits from my blog from Yemen, which is not very wealthy either). I strongly suspect, however, that a significant portion of my readers from Djibiouti (it is one of the top 20 nations for my blog) actually come from Somaliland, but I can’t prove it.

4. Libya

I’ve written a fair amount about Libya, much of it not very flattering toward their former leader [17] or showing concern about their ability to manage a successful transition from rebellion to successful government of their restive Tuareg population [18] (more on that below). Nonetheless, for whatever reason no one in Libya has found their way on my blog. I would think at least someone would have wanted to read my dry and ironic sense of humor about the grim fate of former dictator wacky Gaddafi [19], but so far that has not been the case.

Well, someone from Libya viewed the blog at least, finally.

5. North Korea

Mind you, I have not had a lot of good things to say about North Korea [20] or their attempted provocation of South Korea last year [21], but that doesn’t mean that a North Korean who is living in some Potemkin village near Pyongyang shouldn’t visit my blog just to tell me how great and noble the rule of King Jong Il was and how much his starving people miss his benevolent rule. After all, what fun is the internet if one cannot troll stooges for dictatorships, wherever they may be found?

6. Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan)

Despite the fact that I’ve never been to any of the nations of Central Asia, I’ve had some nice things to say about most of them [22] [23] (except perhaps Afghanistan [24], [25]). So why hasn’t anyone at all from Central Asia visited my blog? Sure there has to be one citizen of the Central Asian Republics that wants to hear about my commentary on logistics or the fractured history of their region. I have had a fondness for Central Asia and its history ever since I took a course in Islam in Russia and the Soviet Union as an undergraduate and got the chance to see some folk musicians from the area perform in Los Angeles (I love folk music in general). There’s not much of a point in me writing about such things if no one reads them though.

Someone from Afghanistan has visited the blog. I’m guessing that it was a soldier, though, given they were looking for a post about Christainity.

7. Greenland

Okay, so I am unaware that there are any high-speed internet services in sparsely populated Greenland, but I’m a big fan of your country, believe me [26]. I know there are some people from Denmark who have read my comments about Greenland’s worthiness for independence, especially if there are enough proven oil reserves there for Greenland to pay for its own way and no longer depend so much on massive subsidies. Developing a functioning private sector and reducing the bloated size of Greenland’s public sector would help too. That said, Greenland is a nation I think fondly of and would like to visit. But I’d like you all to visit my website as well. Thanks for visiting!

8. Nicaragua/Guatemala

Ironically enough, no one from these two countries has visited my blog either, despite the fact that I have commented on a couple of ridiculous wars from both nations, one of them the Guatemalan Civil War [27] and the other the “Swamp War” between Nicaragua and Costa Rica [28], a conflict so dangerous it may force Costa Rica from its long-held pacifist stance so that it can defend its borders. Nonetheless, no one from either country has taken a look at my blog to comment on my wry remarks on the worthlessness of swamps or the dangers of changing American Express travelers cheques in remote border areas of Central America. Not yet at least.

Still waiting on someone to come from Nicaragua.

9. Mali

Look, I know that Mali is a pretty poor country itself, but at least someone in Mali should be interested to know that some people in the world are interested in their longstanding problems with independence-minded Tuareg who have left Gaddafi’s forces to cause havoc in the city state of Bamako [29], showing Mali’s government to be lacking in sufficient strength to hold on to its Tuareg northern areas, even if the rest of the world is unwilling to give freedom to forces who seem to be allied to an Al Quaeda group.

10. Myanmar (Burma)/Laos

Despite the fact that I blog often about life in Southeast Asia (given that I live in Northern Thailand right now), my blog does not have any viewers at all from Myanmar and Laos, even though I have written rather negative commentary about Aung San, the father of Myanmar’s heroine of democracy [30], as well as about the wasteful development of Myanmar’s rivers [31] as well as about the troubled ethnic history of that deeply divided country [32] [33] and even the irony of its name as the Union of Myanmar [34]. While I have written less often about Laos [35], it’s still an area of interest, and still a surprise that no one from that nation has viewed my blog yet.

I’m still waiting on someone to visit from Laos. Someone visited from Laos, finally.


These are the notable cases in my blog where I have written (sometimes at great length and often) about nations but where no people from within those countries has ever viewed my blog. There are a lot of similarities between the nations that have not viewed my blog–many of them are ruled by oppressive governments that might well consider my blog worth censoring. Many of the nations are also quite poor or sparsely populated and don’t have a large amount of internet savvy citizens looking to read my posts in English. But for whatever reason, Edge Induced Cohesion has written about all of these nations and it is ironic that there is no one from those nations who has looked at what I have said about them.

Honorable Mention: Paraguay, Uruguay, Moldova, Papua New Guinea, Kosovo, Palestine, Montenegro, Georgia, Armenia, Botswanna




































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