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A Darkness That Can Be Felt

For the last few days I have been unable to retrieve books from the library because the bad air quality has closed down operations. 2020 has, as a year, presented a wide variety of issues and problems and the fires … Continue reading

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Book Review: How To Survive A Sharknado

How To Survive A Sharknado And Other Unnatural Disasters, by Andrew Shaffer with contributions by Fin Shepard & April Wexler It is easy to imagine how this book came to be.  Let us picture some sort of planning meeting by … Continue reading

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The Name Of The Wind

There are occasionally practical downsides to being an intellectual.  While driving home late tonight after having a wonderful time at a dinner party in rural Clackamas county with two other bachelors, I pondered the name of the wind that I … Continue reading

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Stormy Weather

One of the more interesting aspects of yesterday’s sermon message was the discussion our associate pastor had concerning one of the more intriguing Gospel passages about the trials and difficulties of life.  Matthew 7:24-27 comes at the very end of … Continue reading

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Man’s Not Hot, Man’s Never Hot

Earlier today I was chatting with some of the people at the feast here in Suriname, and one of the other Americans said that if she heard people complain about the heat, she would remind them that they could have … Continue reading

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Book Review: Winter Morning Walks

Winter Morning Walks:  One Hundred Postcards To Jim Harrison, by Ted Kooser Sometimes a book of poems surprises you in a very good way.  I must admit that before reading this book I was not familiar at all with the … Continue reading

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Hurricane Maria’s Death Toll: A Statistics Story

I spend my working life dealing with data and statistics, and somehow I do not get enough of that to avoid writing and thinking about it in other contexts besides that of work [1].  Today I would like to talk … Continue reading

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Somaliland Update: Recovering From Cyclone Sagar

Growing up as a young person in Central Florida, tropical weather was something that I and those around me paid attention to regularly.  In my own life and personal experience hurricanes have had an effect on my life and have … Continue reading

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They Know Better

I often ponder my obstinance when it comes to performing tasks I set out to do.  As it happens, when I woke up this morning and went off to work there was some snow falling from the sky, but it … Continue reading

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Made It Through The Snow

There is something rather intriguing about driving into the snow.  As I stopped for gasoline in Napaville, one of my very frequent but seemingly random places to stop on the way to or from Tacoma, I chatted with a fellow … Continue reading

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