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I Guess I’ll Sit Around And Indoctrinate

I must admit that as a reader early on in life I progressed very early to literature that was very serious.  Still, various reasons have kept me from time to time reading and appreciating literature written to and about young … Continue reading

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Seasons Change

Earlier today I had a conversation with someone I only know online who happens to be a prolific reader and a thoughtful reviewer of the books she reads.  I noticed that she had commented that since November was approaching that … Continue reading

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Big Machine

Not too long ago, I watched a music-related YouTube channel I follow and the person had listed their favorite songs by the Goo Goo Dolls that had appeared on a particular Billboard Chart, I believe it was the Adult Rock … Continue reading

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I’ve Got A Name

From time to time I find the music of the late Jim Croce to be particularly inspirational [1].  One of his bigger hits was a melancholy song about identity, and it should come as little surprise given the identity politics … Continue reading

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Going To The Library Tonight

Why did I have Frank Ocean’s “Pyramids” in my head this morning, and what led me to adapt the words of it’s hook, “She’s working at the Pyramid tonight,” to “I’m going to the library tonight?”  As with all of … Continue reading

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The Curious Case Of Albright vs. Potter

Earlier this morning I received the following message from one of my blog’s loyal readers:  “Perhaps it’s time to explain again why you read the good, bad and the ugly. For some that would not be a good idea, the … Continue reading

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How I Profitably Spent My Father’s Day

Given the complicated personal history I bring to Father’s Day [1], I tend not to make a great many plans for today.  It so happens though that I received an invitation to go over with some friends and I figured … Continue reading

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Audiobook Review: The Man Who Loved Books Too Much

The Man Who Loved Books Too Much:  The True Story Of A Thief, A Detective, And A World Of Literary Obsession, by Allison Hoover Barlett As it without a doubt that I love books too much [1], it would probably … Continue reading

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Not All Interruptions Are Unwelcome

I am a person of habit, more so than most people.  My ideal experience at a restaurant is where I walk in and everyone knows what I want already and do not have to ask me.  For example, on Mondays … Continue reading

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I Read Bad Books So You Don’t Have To

I must admit that I have a few guilty pleasures in life.  Among them is watching videos that are critical of contemporary culture, especially music and movies.  There are a lot of funny people who take their bad art very … Continue reading

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