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Book Review: Ex Libris

Ex Libris:  Confessions Of A Common Reader, by Anne Fadiman It is hard to really think of the author of this book as a common reader.  Indeed, the more one reads about this book, when one does not laugh at … Continue reading

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On Why The Serpent Devours Its Own Tail

Why do serpents devour their own tails?  I speak not of literal serpents here, of course, but rather of human beings.  Let us begin with some examples.  Yesterday night I read Ambrose Bierce’s much-feted book The Devil’s Dictionary (review forthcoming) … Continue reading

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Conversations With My Readers: Part One

One of the intended purposes of my blog is to help spur on conversations on various topics, and from time to time my readers oblige my wish for my blogging to be an aid to interpersonal communication in a variety … Continue reading

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Major And Minor, Or How To Have A Productive Day While In Bed

By the time any of you read this, much of it will probably be out of date, but sometimes I write for myself and only incidentally and accidentally for anyone else.  I thought it might be entertaining for some of … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Public Library

The Public Library, a photographic essay by Robert Dawson When I was going to the public library recently to pick up a book that had been on hold for a while, I saw a library display nearby that had books … Continue reading

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I have always hated moving, and one of the things that I hate most is having to put my hundreds of loosely piled books into boxes and putting labels on them, knowing the books will weigh 50 pounds or more … Continue reading

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I Guess I’ll Sit Around And Indoctrinate

I must admit that as a reader early on in life I progressed very early to literature that was very serious.  Still, various reasons have kept me from time to time reading and appreciating literature written to and about young … Continue reading

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Seasons Change

Earlier today I had a conversation with someone I only know online who happens to be a prolific reader and a thoughtful reviewer of the books she reads.  I noticed that she had commented that since November was approaching that … Continue reading

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Big Machine

Not too long ago, I watched a music-related YouTube channel I follow and the person had listed their favorite songs by the Goo Goo Dolls that had appeared on a particular Billboard Chart, I believe it was the Adult Rock … Continue reading

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I’ve Got A Name

From time to time I find the music of the late Jim Croce to be particularly inspirational [1].  One of his bigger hits was a melancholy song about identity, and it should come as little surprise given the identity politics … Continue reading

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