If You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

From time to time I notice that someone came on my blog because they have a specific question about something that they want answered.  Most of the time these questions lead to google searches to long posts that may not in fact answer the specific question being asked, even if they do talk about the general subject being asked.  Since I like answering questions, I thought it would be worthwhile to include a place here for people to post questions where the answer is not long enough for a full blog response (which belong in the Suggestion box) but where the answer may be of interest to other people who do not want to read thousands of words to answer very simple questions.  Here is an example of a question that led someone to my blog today, along with the answer to that question.  As usual, if you post questions to this page I will answer them in as timely a manner as possible.


Q:  Where was Smyrna and Philadelphia?

A:  Both Smyrna and Philadelphia are among the seven cities of Asia minor that John wrote to in Revelation.  These cities are currently located in the nation of Turkey, and both of them are still inhabited.  Ancient Smyrna is now modern Izmir, one of the largest cities in Turkey, on the coast of the Aegean Sea, and a friendly city to this day.  Ancient Philadelphia is now Alaşehir and is a pleasant city of about 50,000 people.  When I visited the town in 2006 it had the pleasant scent of licorice in the air as well as numerous monuments to the success of Kemel Ataturk in stopping the Greek invasion of Turkey after World War I at that place.

Q:  Will Naaman go to heaven?

A:  It seems likely that he will be resurrected at the return of Jesus Christ and that he is one of the genuine believers of the Hebrew scriptures, although we do not know for sure.

Q:  Is Obed Edom a priest?

A:  No, he was a Levite gatekeeper, although like the priests he was among the sons of Levi and of Kohath, and thus a distant cousin of the priests.