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Not Written In The Stars

One of the most common, if lamentable, tendencies of humanity is to seek to avoid taking responsibility for our choices and our behavior. This frequently presents us with a dilemma, in that we seek to defend our own agency and … Continue reading

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The Synagogue Of Satan In John’s Letters To Smyrna And Philadelphia

What makes a church into the synagogue of Satan?  And why is it that the two churches that had to deal with this are the only two that receive no blame but only commendation and encouragement in Revelation 2 and … Continue reading

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Book Review: Vertigo

Vertigo, by W.G. Sebald There are some quirks about W.G. Sebald as a writer that are well worth taking in mind when one reads a novel like this.  For one, Sebald definitely likes to dwell in the seedier parts of … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Life-Changing Encounter With God’s Word From The Book Of Acts

A Life-Changing Encounter With God’s Word From The Book Of Acts, by the Navigators As the fourth and final book that I read in relatively quick succession in this series [1], this book is unfortunately the worst of the series … Continue reading

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No Sacred Honor

Currently, I am in the middle of a course on the history of the slave south, and in that course there has been a lot of discussion about Thomas Jefferson. Much of the discussion involves the nature of his character … Continue reading

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The Child Is The Father Of The Man

One of the more troubling discussions I have had about psychology concerns the idea that the child is the father of the man, that the way we are as children is the origin of much of our behavior as adults. … Continue reading

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