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Book Review: The Shadow Of The Great Game

The Shadow Of The Great Game:  The Untold Story Of India’s Partition, by Nandra Singh Sarila In reading this book, I got the feeling that it was written largely for Indian audiences as a way of informing them about the … Continue reading

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Afghanistan And The Tyranny Of Logistics

It is said that novices in the military arts study tactics and masters study logistics, and more and more I am convinced that logistical problems are the most basic and essential problems that need to be solved for any effort … Continue reading

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Vantage Point

For those of us who are interested in odd and potentially disastrous foreign news, something alarming is going on in Pakistan right now. Pakistan is claiming that some soldiers of theirs were killed in a premeditated attack by NATO troops … Continue reading

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Somaliland Update: Friends In High Places and A Pakistani Two-Step

The news I tend to get about Somaliland tends to come in waves, and the news I got last night was no different.  There were two separate, and intriguing updates.  The first is an eloquent letter from a supporter of … Continue reading

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