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The Other Side Of The River: Part Two

Having discussed the personal and contemporary political matters of rivers as providing the potential for trade and communication that can nonetheless be inhibited by those seeking to wall themselves off from others [1], I would like to turn to a … Continue reading

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Non-Book Review: To Live And Die In Dixie

To Live And Die In Dixie: Native Northerners Who Fought For The Confederacy, by David Ross Zimring As a native-born Northerner, and proud Yankee, who was raised in the South without ever feeling accepted or a part of Southern culture, … Continue reading

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Brother Against Brother: A Civil War Story

Since early childhood I have been interested in the American Civil War. Like most interests in my life, this one was overdetermined. For one, as a self-aware Northern born boy growing up in the rural South, it was imperative to … Continue reading

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Ghosts of the Taira: The Relationship Between The Wars of The Gempei and the Warrior Ghost Noh Dramas

[Note: Having read a book that recently greatly reminded me of Japanese culture today, I figured it would be time to post one of my essays that shows my interest in Japanese military history, drama, and culture that also serves … Continue reading

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Looking For A Fight

As someone who by temperament and background tends to enjoy debates (perhaps a little too much), I am often amused whenever I am present in a particular environment where debate is looked down on and actively discouraged. While I will … Continue reading

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Failure Is Not An Option: The Forgotten Travails Of The Central African Republic

As a child, I looked through the old atlases that my family had (for I have always been someone deeply interested in maps), and I saw that some of these old maps showed a little country that had the temerity … Continue reading

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Arizona: A Forgotten Theater Of The Civil War

Credit for this post belongs to an Arizona resident whose comments about Civil War battlefields in Arizona led to an exchange that prompted this particular post. Though I have never visited any Civil War battlefields in Arizona (there are some … Continue reading

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Book Review: Destiny Our Choice

Destiny Our Choice, by John Attenborough When I saw this book in the Legacy Institute library, I was curious to read it, since I have a fairly strong interest in the English Civil War (being a fairly strong republican with … Continue reading

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Don’t Feed The Trolls

On one of the news and opinion websites which I frequent, there is a rule called the Hinz rule. ┬áIt is named after a very wise and deceased blogger (who died two years ago this Thanksgiving) who was well known … Continue reading

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They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

When horses are growing old, and are no longer any use as studs, or they can no longer race, or have broken a leg, the traditional way of dealing with such superannuated animals is to shoot them. As human beings … Continue reading

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