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Shadow And Light

There is a moderately obscure and quirky kind of art that I am very fond of, called chiaroscuro [1], where contrasts of shadow and light are used to set a scene in a painting, in photography, or in movies. As … Continue reading

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Paradise Taxes

Have you ever wondered why food and beverages always cost more at the movie theaters or a concert or a sporting event? One of my fellow teachers here commented on the extremely high price of restaurants in one of Thailand’s … Continue reading

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Information Overload

Very frequently, it seems, the contingent of Paultards [1] on my Facebook friends list has some kind of conspiratorial moment about all of the information being gathered by the government on various matters, whether that includes millions of video cameras … Continue reading

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Book Review: Destiny Our Choice

Destiny Our Choice, by John Attenborough When I saw this book in the Legacy Institute library, I was curious to read it, since I have a fairly strong interest in the English Civil War (being a fairly strong republican with … Continue reading

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We Once Considered Ourselves The Oppressed

Every once in a while I get in a somewhat poetic mood. Last night as I was preparing to go to bed, and finishing up my reading for the night (book review forthcoming), I thought of the first line of … Continue reading

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Somaliland Update: In The Aftermath Of The London Conference

The London Conference has proven so far to have given Somaliland’s leadership an understanding of what needs to be done to bridge the gap between the reality and the perception of Somaliland. To their credit, the leaders of Somaliland have … Continue reading

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Watch Your Step

As human beings, we tend to make assumptions about the ground that we walk on. We tend to assume that it is going to be relatively stable underneath our feet. Even if we don’t trust the general stability of things, … Continue reading

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Jeremiah 35:4: The Sons Of Korah Help Stage A Prophetic Test

There are numerous biblical incidents that involve the Sons of Korah as side figures that would not be notable unless one happens to know the identity of the Sons of Korah. One of those incidents is an obscure incident that … Continue reading

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Sign Of The Times

This morning I received the following e-mail message (names redacted): We have been asked by Ministerial and Member Services to be careful about sending out prayer requests. Only United Church of God members are meant to receive all of the … Continue reading

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Somaliland Update: Don’t Look Back

It looks like Somaliland took advantage of the opportunity of the London conference and made a clear case for independence in front of an international audience of policy makers, making a principled stand rather than allowing itself to be sucked … Continue reading

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