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When You Fail So Much They Don’t Even Remember You

One of the more interesting things about paying attention to international news is that one hears stories that one never would hear from one’s own national news sources with their parochial interests. Among the news stories that I find to … Continue reading

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They Only Hate You Because They Want To Be You

Many of the scriptures of the Bible that are viewed most harshly in the present day relate to the thorny subject of authority. Honoring imperfect fathers and mothers, refraining from viewing authorities with contempt, and giving honor to leaders whom … Continue reading

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On Useless Infrastructure

One of the more common labels that is attached to infrastructure that is built in remote areas is that it is useless and wasteful. Most people happen to live close to others and benefit from the infrastructure that tends to … Continue reading

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On Chunking And The Backup Quarterback

I commented recently about how I segmented and chunked my travels and trips and chores to make them easier to deal with and easier to understand, and recently I had the chance to watch one of my favorite YouTube channels, … Continue reading

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A Segmented Journey

As I was driving home last night from The Dalles after the Last Day Of Unleavened Bread and a pleasant evening of eating, talking, and a bit of dancing (that was lamentably a bit hard on my feet), I pondered … Continue reading

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In Praise Of Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park consistently comes up as the least favorite Jane Austen novel to many readers who greatly dislike Fanny Price, especially when she is compared to the more sparkling heroines of Austen’s body of work. In general, it may be … Continue reading

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On Talmudic And Midrashic Reasoning

I had the chance to read (review forthcoming) a lovely resource on classical Jewish sources, and it led me to ponder what it is about such writing that I do and do not appreciate so much. In previous reviews about … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Devo

One of the funniest moments of Devo in popular culture, at least to me, occurred in the Todd In The Shadows song review of the Willow Smith song “Whip My Head” to the crisis of having Devo songs sung by … Continue reading

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The Rules Of The Sky Are Written In Blood

Recently I have found a great deal of interest in watching flight disasters, and seeing what has to go wrong in order for disaster to happen on planes. In the course of these discussions of various disasters and near-disasters, it … Continue reading

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Is The Ship Still Stuck, Or How I Learned How To Stop Complaining And Started To Change The Way I Thought About Being Stuck

For the last few days, like many people, I have been greatly amused by the saga of ship that has gotten stuck in the Suez Canal, thus shutting down one of the world’s most commonly used trade routes, to the … Continue reading

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