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Most Adventures Are Misadventures

So first, a little context.  Being someone who tries to keep schedules in mind, I knew that yesterday was going to be a pretty busy day for many people, including myself.  I got up and got ready for church and … Continue reading

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When I Say Nothing At All

I particularly enjoy it, most of the time, when I am able to convey my feelings without having to say them.  This is even true when the communication is of a particularly trivial matter where it would seem to be … Continue reading

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You Don’t Know Me, But You Don’t Like Me

How do we recognize who our enemies are?  We may desire to be friendly to and on good terms to everyone, but sometimes this is not possible.  To the extent that we are honest about our thoughts and feelings, our … Continue reading

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Mack The Knife

What is the connection between Bobby Darin and Friedrich Nietzsche?  The answer is Mack the Knife.  It’s a bit more complex than that, though, as “The Ballad Of Mack The Knife” comes from a socialist critique of capitalism, namely the … Continue reading

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Truth Is Not An Absolute Defense Against Lashon Hara

About fifteen years ago or so I was threatened with a libel lawsuit for copying an e-mail received and sending it to those who had been concerned about it.  And it is true that truth is an absolute defense against … Continue reading

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A Coffee Table Book That Also Is A Coffee Table

One of the more amusing, at least by my standards of humor, episodes of the classic sitcom Seinfeld featured the attempt by Kramer to sell a coffee table book that also doubled as a coffee table.  While people may have … Continue reading

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πράος / וַתְרָנִי

Meekness is a virtue easier preached than practiced.  That is certainly true of all of the virtues, but the virtue of meekness presents special difficulties that make it especially hard to practice well.  With most virtues, we have a good … Continue reading

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The Name Of The Wind

There are occasionally practical downsides to being an intellectual.  While driving home late tonight after having a wonderful time at a dinner party in rural Clackamas county with two other bachelors, I pondered the name of the wind that I … Continue reading

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Our Picture Of God’s Judgment

[Note:  The following is the prepared text for a sermonette given at the Portland congregation of the United Church of God on Sabbath, January 5, 2019.] Imagine the following scene.  You are on the third floor of the Washington County … Continue reading

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On The Psychology Of Fish

[Note:  Image taken from wikipedia entry on Archer fish.] There are many animals for whom psychology has been at least tried out with a considerable degree of interest, but to my knowledge at least the psychology of fish is one … Continue reading

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