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Liveblogging The Trip Home: FOT 2017

10/13/2017:  1:15PM AST:  Castries:  I have at various times [1] attempted to engage in various experiments in liveblogging, and with most of these experiences I have been rather dissatisfied for one reason or another.  For the most part, these live-blogging … Continue reading

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Would You Like Some Cheese With Your Wine?

It ought to come as a surprise to exactly no one that I have a marked tendency towards sarcasm.  Although I have been known to complain from time to time, I try to have a humorous response to the complaining … Continue reading

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There And Back Again

Today was the day for the island cruise.  Doing a bit of quick math, I figured it was just feasible for us to circle the entire island, if that is the way the cruise worked, but instead of circling the … Continue reading

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We Didn’t Start The Fire

This evening, my stepfather was feeling a bit tired after our trip to Pigeon Island–where I didn’t see any pigeons and which isn’t an island, sadly–so my mum and I went to get some groceries and eat dinner.  We ate … Continue reading

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Bona Fides

One of the striking aspects I noticed of our services today in St. Lucia was that all of the speakers either stated about themselves or had it stated about them what nation they were from.  As it happened, we had … Continue reading

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It Always Takes Longer Than It Should

Today we were scheduled to take a bus ride around the island of St. Lucia, and services were planned at 9AM, where I was songleading, so that we could leave at 11AM and get going and be back well before … Continue reading

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First Impressions of St. Lucia

I arrived in St. Lucia on a JetBlue flight and, without any warning, the back door of the plane was opened and those of us towards the rear of the aircraft (and I was in the third row from the … Continue reading

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