There And Back Again


Today was the day for the island cruise.  Doing a bit of quick math, I figured it was just feasible for us to circle the entire island, if that is the way the cruise worked, but instead of circling the entire island, we ended up taking a fairly leisurely trip down to the Pitons on the southern part of the island, which are immensely beautiful, and then taking a quicker trip back after some of the people snorkeled.  I had already seen the mountains from the land side while going on the bus tour last week, but seeing them from the water was definitely a beautiful sight as well, and it is pretty clear that they are definitely worthy sites of interest for the world as a whole besides being National Parks.  Although from a distance the mountains look adjacent–and they are mountains, as each of them is more than 2000 feet above sea level–they are actually about 3 miles apart by land and a mile and a half apart by sea and there is a pleasant and small bay between the two peaks.


To be sure, there were some benefits to the leisurely cruise that we took.  I am not someone who tends to go on the water often, although I do not have any particularly serious problems with seasickeness as a general rule, and there was plenty of interest to see in the water.  The Caribbean side of St. Lucia is gorgeous, with land full of leafy forests and quirky towns, and the Caribbean Sea itself was gorgeous and generally tranquil.  We visited a town where the original Dr. Doolittle film was made, which makes sense why there was a restaurant there still called Doolittles, and we happened to see a yacht that some of our people speculated (on what reasons I do not know, as I am not familiar with the yachts of the stars) that the yacht belongs to DJ Khaled, who I have at least heard of, even if I don’t really know what he does.  Hopefully he took some beautiful pictures for his own snapchat empire from the place, as he was in a beautiful port city, no doubt, one that caters to the rich and famous who do not find the $400,000+ cost of condominiums to be a difficulty in obtaining a suitably unusual secondary citizenship.

At any rate, the cruise itself was generally lovely.  Lunch was superb–I went through the food line twice and could have gone a third time but I was not interested in being too gluttonous.  Although I had to move around a good bit to keep in the shade, there were plenty of views to be found and plenty of seats throughout the boat we took that made it quite a beautiful one.  As I’ve said, it’s been a while since I’ve been on the water although it’s definitely an area of interest for me [1].  I was, in retrospect, not particularly well-prepared to swim.  Being extremely near-sighted has definitely not helped me to be particularly adventuresome when it comes to swimming in unfamiliar waters.  Other people certainly expected me to jump in the water even though I am near-sighted and lacked even the most basic equipment for swimming and snorkeling.  I got the feeling throughout the cruise, much to my annoyance, that it seems that other people had a great deal of interest in teasing me and in asking the same few questions over and over again, to get the same answers over and over again.

Even with the great deal of enjoyment I gained from the cruise, the day was still full of a substantial number of annoyances that I feel it necessary to reflect upon a bit at least.  On the way to the Castries marina our van waited for an empty van to arrive before we could leave ourselves.  Lunch was a bit of a wait too, and included some irritations concerning my being in line the first time and the second time with some people who thought that it was alright to tease me about it.  On the way back I was one of twenty-one people who had to wait for a van because there weren’t enough vans brought to marina to take us all home.  When you add that to a few other occasions of being teased about things, I must admit that there was a great deal that bothered me about the outing.  It was not necessarily that a cruise is a bad place, but that being stuck on a boat that is somewhat crowded where logistics are a difficulty is just not a place that brings out the best in me, and leaves me somewhat concerned at just how upset I get at being teased or in dealing with people who think they have the credibility to offer personal criticism to me.

[1] See, for example:

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