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Into The Sea

As I commented at some length about my own problems in flying to St. Lucia for the Feasts of Tabernacles this week, I figured it would be worthwhile to comment on the problems my mum and stepfather faced.  Due at … Continue reading

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Queen Anne’s Other War

Queen Anne is remembered, where she is remembered at all, for only a few things.  For one, in the United States among military historians she is remembered as the Queen Anne of Queen Anne’s War, which other people know as … Continue reading

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The Age Of Secession: Catalonia

Almost as soon as I had previously finished writing about the problems of the Kurds in the aftermath of their lopsided vote for independence [1], it happens that in Europe similar events were taking place thanks to the problems of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Tibet: An Enduring Civilization

Tibet:  An Enduring Civilization, by Francoise Pommaret Although I have no particular plans to travel to Tibet anytime soon, I do enjoy reading about cultures from time to time that have a history that is interesting and a present status … Continue reading

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Book Review: Vanishing Tibet

Vanishing Tibet, by Danny Conant & Catherine Steinmann Fortunately, this book is mostly made up of artistically taken photographs.  I am generally someone who prefers solid text to pictures, but in this case the pictures express what is most worthwhile … Continue reading

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