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Who Died And Made You King Of Anything?

One of my favorite songs for 2010 is one that I don’t talk about often because my feelings about the song are somewhat complicated.  The song, “King Of Anything,” was a hit by Sara Bareilles [1], and the song is … Continue reading

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Book Review: Bible Code II: The Countdown

Bible Code II:  The Countdown, by Michael Drosnin I haven’t heard much about the author in quite a few years, and that’s not too surprising since this skeptical reporter of a Jewish background dipped his feet into a round of … Continue reading

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Audiobook Review: Great Courses: Great World Religions: Judaism

Great Courses:  Great World Religions:  Judaism, by Professor Isaiah M. Gafni As a listener to this set of courses, I felt myself in a somewhat uncomfortable position.  Had I been less aware about the history and culture of Judaism [1], … Continue reading

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