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Where Are My Muffins, Or, Let’s Hear It For The Apology Tour

Yesterday, while I was chatting with a friend, she told me a funny story.  The family had gotten banana nut muffins to eat and there had not been enough muffins for everyone, and so my friend’s sister was upset.  This … Continue reading

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Book Review: Spurious Connections

Spurious Connections:  Correlation Does Not Equal Causation, by Tyler Vigen This is an entertaining book, but it is a book that carries with it a big point for those who are interested in aggregating data trends and taking advantage of … Continue reading

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Book Review: 101 Two-Letter Words

101 Two-Letter Words, by Stephin Meritt, Illustrated by Roz Chast Throughout this book the author makes allusion to himself as some kind of rock star because apparently he was in a band I’m not familiar with called the Magnetic Fields.  … Continue reading

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