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Liveblogging The Trip Home: FOT 2017

10/13/2017:  1:15PM AST:  Castries:  I have at various times [1] attempted to engage in various experiments in liveblogging, and with most of these experiences I have been rather dissatisfied for one reason or another.  For the most part, these live-blogging … Continue reading

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Book Review: Happy, Happy, Happy

Happy, Happy, Happy:  My Life And Legacy As The Duck Commander, by Phil Robertson with Mark Schlabach As someone with a slight interest in the Duck Dynasty family [1], I found this to be an interesting book going into it.  … Continue reading

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Book Review: Si-Cology 1

Si-Cology 1:  Tales & Wisdom From Duck Dynasty’s Favorite Uncole, by Si Robertson with Mark Schlabach I thought this was an enjoyable book to read.  Obviously, it’s not intended entirely seriously, but if you are even a modest fan of … Continue reading

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