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On The Bi-Directional Feedback of Culture And Membership In The 20th and 21st Century Experience Of The Church Of God

I have pondered on a possible chicken and egg problem, and I thought it worthwhile to examine the issue as a thought piece to encourage future research (either by myself when I have more texts available or by others) about … Continue reading

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You Were The Last High

The confusion of love and drugs has a long history in music. Whether it is referred to as being “hooked on a feeling,” or a singer referring to a former lover as “the last high,” or a singer talking about … Continue reading

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On The Co-Dependent Family

Let us begin by looking at a family. Let’s say we have a husband and a wife–maybe the wife is a nurse or a teacher or some kind of “helping” profession. Let’s say they have three kids–a serious and very … Continue reading

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Book Review: Another Chance

Another Chance: Hope And Health For The Alcoholic Family, by Sharon Wegscheider Cruse Warning: This book does not make for pleasant reading. If you come from a family where alcoholism and other types of abuse have run rampant for generations … Continue reading

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Sometimes Goodbye Is A Second Chance

If you had asked me before last year what image the song “Second Chance” reminded me of, it would have been responded with an unsympathetic response about the “post-cheating” ballad “Second Chance by the band .38 Special, an image of … Continue reading

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