Book Review: Q Is For Quinoa

Q Is For Quinoa: A Modern Parent’s ABC, by Joel Rickett and Spencer wilson

This book is a short alphabetic book that like many such books that exist are written for early readers (and the parents who are asked to read this book over and over again to pre-readers and early readers). This is the sort of book that appears to be aimed at making people laugh with odd and funny words that start with all of the letters of the alphabet. And it is genuinely funny, so that is a good thing at least. This is a modest book in terms of its achievements and ambitions, but it manages to be funny in a self-mocking way, and it is easy to see this book being appreciated by young hipster parents who fancy themselves able to laugh at themselves and not take themselves too seriously even as they educate their children in such matters as far as kale and quinoa. In reading this book I was struck at the ironic tone, in that this book both celebrates and mocks contemporary parenting and the stupidity and fads of the contemporary age. This sort of ironic tone is, of course, the classic mark of the hipster, and demonstrates that the authors are not only seeking to capitalize and promote stupid parenting trends but simultaneously ridicule them at the same time. Truly we live in a decadent age.

This book is a simple one in terms of its content. It contains either one or two pages per letter with various photos of youngish parents engaging in typically contemporary activities that are related to the words that are chosen for the alphabet, starting with applesauce, app, and active birthing for a, and ending with zzz for z. Quinoa is, as one might surmise, the choice chosen for Q, with a drawing of a picky child who finds the grain unpalatable. Other notable letters and word choices include pump and dump and projectile (vomit) for p, edamame among the choices for e, co-sleeping and chia pudding for c, and muslin, Moses blanket, and meltdown. I must admit that as a reader who has yet to have any children myself I was not always aware of what everything was, and it is true that I was not hostile to everything that I did know about, even of ketchup (organic) isn’t exactly my thing. It is likely that a great many people will find this book appealing and funny, at least.

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