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On Chunking And The Backup Quarterback

I commented recently about how I segmented and chunked my travels and trips and chores to make them easier to deal with and easier to understand, and recently I had the chance to watch one of my favorite YouTube channels, … Continue reading

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Book Review: What Matters In Jane Austen?

What Matters In Jane Austen?: Twenty Crucial Puzzles Solved, by John Mullen One of the aspects of Jane Austen as a reader is that you feel smarter as a result of reading what Jane Austen has written. Not only are … Continue reading

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Book Review: Lover’s Vows

Lover’s Vows, by August von Kotzebue, translated by Elizabeth Archibald This play is, on its own, a rather obscure example of German romantic and melodramatic playwriting, but it is well known to English audiences mainly because of its inclusion in … Continue reading

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