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Book Review: Headlines In History: The 1800’s

Headlines In History:  The 1800’s, by James Miller, Bonnie Szumski, and Scott Barbour (editors) Fortunately, this book , the penultimate volume in its series, is on a par with the excellence of the volume on the 1600’s [1] and other … Continue reading

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The People of Wal-Mart

As a sharp-eyed and dryly humorous spectator of human behavior, going out to shop is always full of humorous anecdotes.  Today, as I shopped in a somewhat “under construction” Wal-Mart with a largely Latino clientele and employee base, I got … Continue reading

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No Variation Or Shadow Of Turning: Calculus In The Bible

Edit:  02/24/2011, to make a point about path integrals more plain. Even though Calculus was not “discovered” until the late 17th century by Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried von Leibniz, there is one verse in the Bible that makes a … Continue reading

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