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Why Aren’t They In Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: Kraftwerk

Introduction Continuing the series of notable Rock & Roll Hall of Fame snubs, let us turn from popular rock [1] to a more obscure choice, the groundbreaking German rock band Kraftwerk.  Despite not being a familiar name, the influence of … Continue reading

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Somaliland Update: Norway Aids Somaliland Anti-Piracy Efforts

The previously discussed efforts by Somaliland to upgrade their criminal infrastructure to combat piracy by Somalis [1] is bearing fruit.  Thanks to aid from Norway, the first anti-piracy prison has been completed in Somaliland, very quick work, as has been … Continue reading

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A Distant Mirror

For some years I have been concerned about the fate of my generation in the world.  As a student of generations, I happen to (depending on one’s boundary lines) fall in the cusp between late-cohort Generation X and early cohort … Continue reading

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