Somaliland Update: Kuwait Gives Somaliland $10M To Upgrade Airports

In an interesting twist that shows Somaliland’s growing international profile, Somaliland247 reports that Kuwait has given the Somaliland government $10 to update its two most important airports, Egal International Airport in Hargesia (the capital of the nation of Somaliland) and the airport of Berbera (Somaliland’s main port) to meet ICAO standards [1].

The monies are to be spent in airport terminals, improving the capacity of both airports, and improving runways so they meet the International Civil Aviation Organization standards.  Improving the civil infrastructure of Somaliland, which was severely damaged in the successful revolt of Somaliland against the Siad Barre dictatorship and never fully rebuilt because of lack of funding and international recognition, is a major step in providing Somaliland with the ability to engage profitably and competently in international relations, attract tourists to its natural and cultural sites, and to demonstrate its ability to meet international standards and therefore show itself fully as a worthy nation.

The growing role of Somaliland as a gateway between the Horn of Africa region and Asia, the rest of Africa, and Europe has increased the pressure on its airports and means that Somaliland needs to upgrade its facilities.  The travels of the Somali diaspora through Somaliland also has created a need for better facilities that can support the increased load of travelers.  This is clearly a good sign, as it means an end to Somaliland’s international isolation and a further growing profile among travelers.

It is still unclear, though, whether Somaliland’s aviation authorities will use existing designs that were created by the previous administration for the improvements or will seek for new designs.  At any rate, Somaliland’s airports will be better and more beautiful in the near future thanks to the help of the Kuwait Foundation, a private not-for-profit organization chaired by Kuwait’s amir.  This organization has not only funded this airport project but also provided humanitarian and health aid to the nation of Somaliland as well.


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