Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Sweet

Many of the bands whose hall of fame causes I trumpet are very famous and have loud and vocal cheering sections [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]. Some, like Paul Carrack, are exceptions [8]. Sweet is definitely another exception, as they are a band whose music remains enduringly popular but also a band that is severely underrated even by its fans. It was only in researching the history and success of the band Sweet, despite being a fan of its music since I was young, that I recognized that the band was worthy of inclusion in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame based on its own merits and influence. There are probably many people who love Sweet’s songs as much as I do who would appreciate realizing that the band is actually important in the history of Rock & Roll. So here goes.

Sweet’s Contribution

What is the contribution of Sweet (also called The Sweet) to the history of Rock & Roll. As a matter of fact, Sweet’s career track starting as a bubble gum pop band and moving into glam rock and hard rock elements (with its characteristically bouncy and fast songs and witty double entendres) served not only as a way to legitimize glam rock in the eyes of the masses, but also served as a bridge to the pop-punk of bands like the Ramones [9] from the silliness of bubble gum pop bands like the Archies. By providing a way to blend a hard rock sound with pop rock melodicism and a glam rock look, Sweet provided a way to bridge over some of rock’s notable chasms while maintaining viability as a charting act from 1971 to 1978 on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond. For their role as influences of pop punk and their role in bridging rock genres while selling plenty of singles and records, they deserve a nod in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Why Sweet Is A No-Brainer For The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

They served as an inspiration for ironic pop punk bands like the Ramones to make quick pop songs that also have a message. They allowed a band to have a hard rock sound, a glam rock look, and pop hooks–and pulled off their ambition in a fairly prolific streak of albums and singles in the 1970’s. The have a body of work that has stood the test of time [10] including such songs as “Co-Co,” “Alexander Graham Bell,” “Little Willy,” “Ballroom Blitz,” “Fox On The Run,” “Action,” and “Love Is Like Oxygen.”

Why Sweet Isn’t In The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Too many people think of Sweet as a guilty pleasure rather than a serious rock & roll band. Sweet’s early singles, which were very bubble gum pop numbers like “Funny Funny” were written by an overly controlling songwriting/manager team, and lack credibility among music critics. Only very recently has the band received a deserving retrospective [11] that allows its work to be seen in context as being worthy of the highest accolades, as Sweet has been consistently underrated even by its fans (myself included).

Verdict: There are plenty of acts that have been unjustly excluded from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but this band, in representing a very under-appreciated genre (glam rock) as well as a key bridge to the hair rock and pop punk of the late 1970’s and 1980’s, deserves to be a flag bearer for its peers.

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