Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Wham!/George Michael

Despite his recent lack of popularity in the United States, like many people I figured I had plenty of time to celebrate the musical career of George Michael while he was still alive.  Unfortunately, I was wrong, and while George Michael (whether solo or with Wham!) was an obvious choice for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame given his importance to the music of the mid 80’s through mid 90’s in the United States, and after that in the UK and other areas, such encouragement now will be rewarding someone who will not be around to share in that recognition and honor.  I will state at the outset that there are many songs from George Michael’s career that I happen to appreciate, and a few that I find deeply alarming for their lyrical content and meaning [1], but his talent and achievement was undeniable, and I believe we have an obligation to give honor and credit where it is due apart from any personal feelings or prejudices based on the standards set by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which states that induction is for those who have had influence on the course of music in the Rock & Roll Era [2].  George Michael met that standard and exceeded it.

The Influence Of Wham!/George Michael

There is a Hugh Grant romantic comedy called Lyrics & Music whose humor depends on a knowledge of the band Wham!.  Wham appeared on Live Aid, and George Michael himself proved to be a person of enduring popularity who helped lend a hand to hitmakers like Aretha Franklin, Queen, Deon Estus, Whitney Houston, Elton John, and Mary J. Blige.  Even after the loss of popularity in the United States due to being outed through the alleged entrapment by a police officer, his music remained popular in the UK and other countries around the world even after he was no longer a mainstay on American radio.  Whether in combination with Andrew Ridgeley in Wham or on his own as a solo artist, George Michael was a major figure in the world of music for a period of three decades.  Such a career is well worth honoring and appreciating given the fact that he has given the world enduring music that will be played on the radio for many decades to come.

Why Wham!/George Michael belong in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Why does Wham belong in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?  Despite only releasing three studio albums during their career, all of them went at least gold in the US, and one went 6 x platinum.  Although the band’s time together was fleeting, the songs created during that time have endured, like the band’s 3 US #1 hits (“Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” “Everything She Wants,” and “Careless Whisper”) and 3 other top ten hits (“Freedom,” “I’m Your Man,” and “Edge Of Heaven”) and one song that did not chart that remains a Christmas standard even now (“Last Christmas”) [3].  As a solo artist George Michael’s popularity picked up right where Wham! left off, with a diamond-selling solo debut, two additional multi-platinum albums (including a compilation), and another platinum album in the United States and even more sales abroad.  As far as solo hits are concerned, George Michael was a hit-making machine for a decade in the United States with enduring songs like his #1 hits “Faith,” “Father Figure,” “One More Try,” “Monkey,” “Praying For Time,” and his hit duet with Elton John on “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me.”  Then there are his enduring top 10 smashes like “A Different Corner,” “I Want Your Sex,” “Kissing A Fool,” “Freedom ’90,” “Too Funky,” “Jesus To A Child,” and “Fast Love” as well as his duets with other artists on such songs as “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me),” “Heaven Help Me,” and “As [4].”  This is not even to consider those songs of his that were massive hits in the UK and other nations after his popularity faded in the United States, which only added to his importance and influence around the world.  That he did all of this while struggling with his sexuality and his original music label Warner Brothers was even more impressive in retrospect.  The man performed and recorded music like he didn’t have a lot of time on this planet, and we can see that he was not wrong to be a man in a hurry, for he truly didn’t have as much time as everyone else would have thought.

Why Isn’t Wham!/George Michael In The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

George Michael was likely a bit of a polorizing figure, and it’s quite possible that many people were not sure whether to judge the careers of Wham and George Michael as separate or together.  Considering that George Michael’s career in Wham! only lasted a few years and his solo time on the hit parade only lasted a decade, it is possible that the sheer productivity of those periods has escaped many critics.  Even apart, both Wham! and George Michael are worthy of induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to help address the chronic shortage of acts starting in the 1980’s, although there is a case for combining the two which would make an unassailable case with more than half a dozen hit albums, more than half a dozen #1 hits, and influence that extends beyond music into the world of cinema and even haute culture (witness the music video full of supermodels for “Freedom ’90”).  There aren’t any excuses for the lack of induction of George Michael, even now that we cannot expect any further music from him, and we ought to honor Andrew Ridgeley as well for Wham!.  As to why this hasn’t been done already, I don’t know.

Verdict:  Put him/them in.  No excuses, nor any delays.  A sympathy vote is entirely possible at this point for Wham and/or George Michael in future years as his career is brought into general awareness and focus.  It’s a shame it took that to put his career front and center, though.

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12 Responses to Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Wham!/George Michael

  1. Lisa Morgan says:

    I have constructed a suggestion/comment 3 times, this is 4th!!! Got completely done 3rd time & it went away as soon as entered my email address but before I could click submit! Goes to a blank screen that says connection lost – try again.
    I didn’t lose connection on this end, so do you have it set up to do that?
    Please advise where I can successfully complete AND submit my suggestion!!

    Thank you!

  2. Diana Foster says:

    Why are you complaining about this? Hate to enlighten you but shortly after George Michael’s death I started a petition concerning this and not enough fans got on board. I had communications with the Rock and roll hall of fame and his name needs votes to be placed on a ballad that’s why I attempted to get signatures. Do some research before making assumptions

    • I appreciate your efforts; I hope they bear fruit someday. There are at least a few singers and bands who have benefited from grass roots efforts at building support for induction.

      • Jillian says:

        Hi Nathanael that lady is a little off her rocker. Many did not sign because her action were not merit. Therefore, his fans did not sign and also you can not get in contact with the Hall of Fame progress like that. So ignore her and keep up the woke in regards to George Michael. Because many choose to focus on lies and not the music.

      • Thanks for your comment and I appreciate the encouragement.

  3. Carolyn A Duhon says:

    George Michael should be in the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME his Music was so great
    I don’t think that Wham should be in there just like any hip hop artist they have there own hall of fame there are alot of great artist that belong in the rock and roll hall of fame and the hip hop artist shouldn’t be in there

    • I agree that George Michael should be in; I included Wham because a good case can be made for them too, especially as I don’t think that being a boy band ought to prevent one from induction.

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