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Cycles Within Cycles: Part Four

[Note:  This is the fourth part of a series of post on the cycles of time within the biblical temporal world.  Parts one, two, and three have already been posted.] Having already addressed several issues related to biblical time, I … Continue reading

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Seeking Refuge In Silence

Nearly every day at work there is some kind of question directed to me that goes something like, “Nathan, can you hear the walkie talkie?” or “Is the walkie talkie on?”  And every day my reply is the same, a … Continue reading

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Book Review: Bridge Of Words

Bridge Of Words:  Esperanto And The Dream Of A Universal Language, by Esther Schor Coming in at more than 300 pages, this is a complicated book, and before discussing my thoughts about it I thought it would be good to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Esperanto: Learning And Using The International Language

Esperanto:  Learning And Using The International Language, by David Richardson As someone more than a little bit fond of foreign languages [1], it should come as little surprise that my attention should eventually be turned to Esperanto.  Honestly, I’m not … Continue reading

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