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Holidays From Ourselves

One of the most unfortunate facts of our existence is that wherever we go we take ourselves with us [1].  This ought to seem obvious, but it is not always so.  Much time and effort and expense is spent traveling … Continue reading

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Book Review: Philosopher’s Holiday

Philosopher’s Holiday, by Irwin Edman A week and a half ago, I saved this book from being tossed into the fireplace by agreeing to add it to my collection without ever having heard of it before.  I knew nothing of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Are You A Bromide?

Are You A Bromide?, or The Sulphitic Theory:  Expounded And Exemplified According To The Most Recent Researches Into The Psychology Of Boredom, by Gelett Burgess Published in 1908, and still certainly relevant nowadays, this is the sort of essay that … Continue reading

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