Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Chic/Nile Rogers

[Nile Rogers was inducted in 2017.]

Given that the band Chic has been nominated eight times for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame [1], it seems that it is only a matter of time before they are allowed in. Disco was long a genre that was not well-regarded by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but the induction of the Bee Gees, Abba, and Donna Summer [2] would seem to indicate that it is being considered as a viable and reputable genre of music that the Hall of Fame can respect. Given that, and given the continued viability of Nile Rogers as a producer and songwriter, it seems like it is only a matter of time before Chic has either one or two inductions in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, even if their period of popularity was a very brief one. Let us therefore take a bit of time to examine the career of Chic and Nile Rogers and examine their viability as an influential Rock & Roll band and producer.

The Influence Of Chic/Nile Rogers

The influence of Chic and Nile Rogers can be viewed in several ways. The band had four top ten singles and three gold (and two) platinum albums, which is itself a fairly modest record of success [3]. However, the two #1 singles they had, especially “Good Times” has inspired bands as diverse as the Sugar Hill Gang (thus having a role in the development of rap as a viable music form) and Daft Punk. Additionally, one of Chic’s backup singers, Luther Vandross, went on to have a career worthy of consideration for Rock & Roll induction himself, which meant that the group itself helped in the development of both dance and rap as genres as well as helped to start the career of other musicians of great influence themselves. These factors help make Chic worthy of induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, as does their production of hit albums by artists such as Diana Ross, Debbie Harry, and Johnny Mathis, as well as Sister Sledge. Nile Rogers, on his own, has produced hit albums for dance oriented bands as diverse as Duran Duran, Madonna, Daft Punk (for which he won a Grammy tonight), INXS, The B-52’s, The Thompson Twins, Depeche Mode, Michael Bolton, Avicii, and David Bowie [4]. Many of these acts are currently in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame themselves or are worthy of it. This only increases the influence of Chic upon the music of the contemporary music scene, whatever one thinks about it.

Why Chic/Nile Rogers Deserves Induction Into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

What Chic and Nile Rogers have done better than almost anyone in the music industry is serve as an inspiration and a template for other artists. Although their own career as a band was short, lasting only a few years during the disco craze, the production work of Chic and Nile Rogers has endured to this day [5] as being popular and relevant, especially in dance music. By helping to launch and re-launch the careers of artists with a high degree of success, Nile Rogers has served to shape the face of dance-oriented music. While the production work of artists may often seem a bit beneath the surface and therefore not draw the attention that the artists receive, this production work has been a major influence in music for more than three decades. It is time for that work to gain the attention of casual music fans to the same degree that it has long had the attention of artists who appreciate Rogers’ hitmaking touch.

Why Chic/Nile Rogers Isn’t In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

It is unclear why the band has been nominated so many times without getting in. Producers have, in general, had a difficult time getting inducted, even when that honor is well-deserved [6]. As an act, Chic had a much shorter period of popularity and activity than many other artists, and to be honest, there are a lot of artists with a longer and more successful career who have struggled to achieve induction, making Chic’s worthy case a little less urgent than it would otherwise be, leaving them to be on the list of nominated artists who just have struggled to get over the hump and find their spot in the Hall of Fame.

Verdict: With eight nominations to date and a still-relevant career, it appears that Chic/Nile Rogers will eventually receive one (if not two) inductions into the Rock & Roll of Fame. It only appears a matter of time until a less crowded year gives them an induction that would be well-deserved and well appreciated. It only remains to be seen how much longer it will take, given the fact that they appear to have consistent and significant support for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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4 Responses to Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Chic/Nile Rogers

  1. kaheru says:

    Yes I want to also see Luther vandross and gwen stefani of the group no doubt inducted also.

  2. Mike says:

    After 10 nominations without getting voted in I think the Rock Hall just put them as a “musical excellence” or something. It’s clear that the Nomination Committee wants them in – but it’s also clear that their voting does NOT.

    it’s disheartening to continue to take up a coveted ballot entry time and time again (10 times!!).

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