Going Postal

One of the more irritating aspects of moving is the fact that when one basically has a constant cycle of books to review is that when one does move with little notice. Yesterday I found out that one of my books had been rerouted to the Beaverton Post Office, with a postage due of $2.53 on it. So, not knowing the address of the post office here, or knowing my way around Beaverton proper yet, I looked up the address and found that it was in what could be considered downtown Beaverton (I mean, the city hall and library are in that area too). On the internet the hours were one thing, and on the card the hours were much restricted, so I decided I would have to pick up my package after work.

It happened that at work today there was more irony than would normally be the case when it comes to moving. Today I was moved, very suddenly after lunch, to my sixth desk at my workplace, to a somewhat lonesome corner of the office where some old phones used to be. Of course, given that I am a worker with an unusual set of privileges revolving around the work I do, generally speaking I’m not exactly someone who should be moved as it creates a big hassle. I’m still waiting for my Excel to be returned, and I had two IT tickets dealing with the move as well as a surprise for the people downstairs because apparently people are supposed to receive permission before moving me from desk to desk.

Normally, being the sort of person who does not particularly enjoy moving, I would have minded the move a lot more. Like some of my fellows, I would have protested a bit louder (since I enjoyed sitting besides the officemates who were around me), except there was one particular advantage to moving that could make some days (like today) a lot more relaxing. On Sabbath I spoke with a fellow member of the local congregation here whose work relates to physical therapy. As someone who has a very strong startle reflex, I commented some on the fact that I startle pretty alarmingly easy. As it happened, I was startled today at work, as I usually am when people come up suddenly from behind without warning. This particular desk should allow me to keep my blindside safe and allow me to see people coming from the sides instead, which should make that part of work a little bit better, even if it is a lonely and somewhat isolated desk.

As it happens, I picked up the book after work was done at the Post Office. While I was there I reflected on a wide variety of things, since the line was long and slow. There was a young lady behind me sending some items that had to arrive at Pittsburgh by Friday, which prompted a conversation. Then there was the lady who was illegally packed and the elderly couple sending a lot of packages out before Chinese New Year. Of course, I was a quirky but friendly book collector, which is not particularly surprising. It was a shame that it took so long but at least I got my bock, so I can read it soon enough, and then ask for a new one, to continue the cycle all over again. Some things never change, though, no matter where I may wander.

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I'm a person with diverse interests who loves to read. If you want to know something about me, just ask.
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