An Introduction To The Psalms Commentary Project

One of my more ambitious projects is to write a short commentary on every single psalm as part of this blog. This entry is designed to provide readers of my blog with a place to find my comments on various psalms as well as on other issues related to the book of psalms (such as poetic form and structure and authors) as a whole. So, given the immense scope of this particular project, I wished to provide myself and the readers of my blog with a convenient place to find my writings on the psalm as a whole. If one wishes to suggest blog entries on other matters, feel free to comment below and I will take all such suggestions seriously. This post will be updated, of course, as I add new links. So, here goes:

General Essays:

How To Avoid An Edge Induced Contusion [18]
The Prophetic Narrative Of The First Sons Of Korah Collection [36]
The Importance Of Chiasms [40]
The Sons Of Korah [43]
Personal Profile: Heman [41]
Heman: Profile Of A Godly Man [42]
Book Review: Psalmist I Am [57]


Psalm 1: And He Shall Be Like A Tree Planted By The Rivers Of Living Water [17]
Psalm 8: What Is Man That You Are Mindful Of Him [46]
That The Man Of The Earth May Oppress No More: A Commentary On Psalm 10 [4]
Psalm 12: Help Eternal, For The Godly Man Ceases [34]
Psalm 13: Will You Forget Me Forever? [56]
Psalms 14 And 53: The Fool Has Said In His Heart [19]
Psalm 15: Who May Dwell On Your Holy Hill? [37]
Psalm 17: Hear A Just Cause, O Lord [35]
Ado Annie [Contains commentary on Psalm 19] [59]
Psalm 23: The Lord Is My Shepherd [48]
No More A Stranger Nor A Guest [Contains commentary on Psalm 23] [39]
Psalm 26:  I Will Wash My Hands In Innocence [64]
Psalm 32: Blessed Is He Whose Transgression Is Forgiven [33]
Psalm 34: Many Are The Afflictions Of The Righteous [55]
Psalm 37: Do Not Fret Because Of Evildoers [52]
Psalm 39: For I Am A Stranger With You [54]
I Waited On The Lord My God [Contains commentary on Psalm 40] [23]
Psalm 42 And 43: As The Deer Pants For The Water [6]
Psalm 44: Arise! Do Not Cast Us Off Forever [14]
Psalm 45: My Tongue Is The Pen Of A Ready Writer [30]
Psalm 46: God Is Our Refuge And Our Strength [27]
Psalm 47: Shout To God With The Voice Of Triumph [28]
Psalm 48: Great Is The Lord, And Greatly To Be Praised [29]
Psalm 49: Why Should I Fear In The Days Of Evil? [53]
Psalm 56: Put My Tears Into Your Bottle [26]
Psalm 61:  Lead Me To The Rock That Is Higher Than I [61]
Psalm 67: Let All The Peoples Praise You [58]
Psalm 80: Case Your Face To Shine And We Shall Be Saved [31]
Psalm 82: You Are Gods [20]
Psalm 84: How Lovely Is Your Tabernacle / Better Is One Day [15]
Psalm 85: Righteousness And Peace Have Kissed [10]
Psalm 86: For I Am Poor And Needy [50]
Psalm 87: This One Was Born There / Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken [9]
What Glorious Things Are Spoken? [Contains commentary on Psalm 87] [16]
Psalm 88: For My Soul Is Full Of Troubles [8]
Psalm 91: A Thousand Shall Fall [51]
We Are His People And The Sheep Of His Pasture: A Reflection On Psalm 100 [7]
Psalm 101: I Will Sing OF Mercy And Justice [62]
“Difficult” Messianic Scriptures [Includes commentary on Psalm 110] [44]
A Priest Forever In The Order Of Melchizedek [Includes commentary on Psalm 110] [45]
Psalm 111:  In The Assembly Of The Upright And In The Congregation [63]
Hannah’s Story [Includes commentary on Psalm 113] [5]
Reflections On The Haggadah [Contains commentary on Psalms 113-118, and Psalm 136] [12]
What The Jews Should Have Known From The Night To Be Much Observed [Contains commentary on Psalms 113 and 117] [25]
I Am For Peace: Psalm 120 And The Role Of Religion And War [1]
Psalm 123: Until He Has Mercy On Us [60]
Unless The Lord the City Keeps: The Military Insight Of Psalm 127 [2]
Your Children Like Olive Plants: A Reflection On Psalms 127 and 128 [13]
Psalm 129: Yet They Have Not Prevailed Against Me [22]
Psalm 133: How Good And How Pleasant [11]
Psalm 137: Rivers Of Babylon [24]
Was David Familiar With The Book Of Job: The Enigma Of Psalm 139 [21]
Let The Righteous Strike Me [Contains commentary on Psalm 141] [38]
A Blogger’s Hymn: A Meditation On Psalm 141 [3]
Psalm 144: Happy Are The People Whose God Is The Eternal [49]
Psalm 149: This Honor Have All His Saints [47]
Psalm 150: Let Everything That Has Breath [31]

































































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