An Introduction To The On Creativity Project

For some months, a co-worker and I have been occasionally chatting in our breakroom or at a local Shari’s Restaurant or in his dining room (along with his wife) about the subject of creativity and our shared interest in it.  Today (as I write this), he suggested we write an essay about the subject, dividing the responsibility based on his preference for writing about the sciences and my own writing in the humanities, including the history of creativity as a concept.  I am sure that not only will there be a fairly long period of reading and researching for the topic, but that there will be a fair amount of work in our writing.  It is quite possible that there will be a somewhat different voice between us as our approach is distinct, but how the work blends as a whole is something that will be seen as time goes on.  At the very least, it promises to be a large enough project to encompass a wide variety of posts, as I am particularly interested in the wide gap between the widespread (almost universal) implicit practice of creativity and the very limited formal knowledge of creativity.

As usual, here are the posts for my part of the series:

Introductory Material:

Creativity:  A Word History
Two Approaches To Creativity:  An Introduction
A Creator Reflects On His Creativity:  Part One
A Creator Reflects On His Creativity:  Part Two
In Praise Of Quotidian Creativity
An Unexpected Lesson In Creativity From New Jersey 11th Graders
The Vulnerability Of Our Creations [12]

Creativity As Imitatio Dei:

Revelation Through Creation [11]
Towards A Theology Of Creation In Thomas Merton’s Writings
Imitatio Dei In Tolkien’s On Fairy-Stories [19]
Imitatio Imitatio Dei In Leaf By Niggle [20]
Film Review:  Tolkien [21]

Case Studies In Creativity:

Creation In The Parson’s Tale
Creativity And Imagination In Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess:  Part One
Creativity And Imagination In Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess:  Part Two
The Long Goodbye Of Harper Lee [2]
The Silence Of Jarvenpaa [3]
Attributed To G.F. Handel [4]
The Water Is Wide [15]
A Modest Proposal For The Creation Of A Soundtrack Pop Format [16]
A Preliminary Defense Of The Jets’ You Got It All [17]
On The Creation Of Languages
The American Civil War: A Case Study In The Ambiguity Of Creativity [31]
Niet Lullen, Zakken Vullen [27]

The Cultural Context Of Creation:

I Won’t Back Down [5]
‘Cause I Can’t Leave Things Well Alone, Understand That I’m Accident Prone [6]
Laudis Genere Operum [9]
On The Creation Of Genres [10]
The Only People Who Object To Escape Are Jailers [17]
What Kind Of World Do You Want? [26]
On The Role Of Government In The Fostering Of Innovation And Creativity
Joshua Kendall And The Psychology Of Creativity
Neil Gaiman And The Creation Of Good Art

Lit Review:

Book Review:  To Engineer Is Human [1]
Book Review:  The Geography Of Genius [7]
Book Review:  African American Inventions That Changed The World [8]
Book Review: How To Write: How To Start, and What To Write If You Don’t Have Any Ideas [13]
Book Review: The Polynesian Tattoo Handbook: Vol. 2 [14]
Book Review:  Poems And Stories (J.R.R. Tolkien) [18]
Book Review:  Against Happiness [22]
Book Review:  How To Fly A Horse [23]
Book Review:  Questions Are The Answer [24]
Book Review:  The Nature Of Creativity [25]
Book Review:  Copyrights And Copywrongs [28]
Book Review:  The Creative Habit [29]
Book Review:  Wired To Create [30]
Book Review:  Draft No. 4 [32]
Book Review:  The Perfectionists [33]
Book Review:  The Men Who United The States [34]
Book Review:  How Art Created The World
Book Review:  Awakening The Planetary Mind
Book Review:  30,000 Years Of Art
Book Review:  The Design Of Everyday Things
Book Review:  A Little Princess
Book Review:  The Origins Of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth For Dummies
Book Review:  The Selected Canterbury Tales
Book Review:  Where Good Ideas Come From
Book Review:  The Innovator’s Dilemma
Book Review:  The Innovators
Book Review:  Successful Intelligence
Book Review: Mr. Lincoln’s High-Tech War
Book Review:  Technology And The Civil War
Book Review:  Engineering Victory
Book Review:  The Man Who Made Lists
Book Review:  The Forgotten Founder
Book Review:  America’s Obsessives
Book Review:  The Riddle Of The Labyrinth
Book Review:  Talking Hands
Book Review:  The View From The Cheap Seats
Book Review:  The Literary Essays Of Thomas Merton
Book Review:  Bored And Brilliant
Book Review:  The Story Of Measurement
Book Review:  The Story Of Writing
Book Review:  Seeker Of Knowledge
Book Review:  Cracking The Egyptian Code
Book Review:  The Keys Of Egypt
Book Review:  The Design Of Everyday Objects
Book Review:  The War Of Art
Book Review:  The Book Of Beautiful Questions
Book Review:  Make A Nerdy Living
Book Review:  Regretsy
Book Review:  Creativity, Inc.
Book Review:  Originals
Book Review:  Loonshots
Book Review:  Art Matters
Book Review:  Driving Eureka!
Book Review:  Here’s A Brilliant Idea
Book Review:  Don’t Read This Book
Book Review:  Door To Door
Book Review:  The Creative Spark



































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