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Let Another Take His Office: A Musing On Authority

I have noticed that over the course of this blog I have frequently discussed the question, in various forms, of the truth that authority figures are not irreplaceable.  It is a curious phenomenon that an entitlement mentality sneaks in for … Continue reading

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Got Quorum?

Today’s conflict-ridden world provides endless bizarre opportunities to reflect on the nature of how people attempt to manipulate the rules for their own selfish and partisan benefit.  An example of that I have not focused on too much, but that … Continue reading

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Book Review: Headlines In History: The 1900’s

Headlines In History:  The 1900’s, by James Miller, Bonnie Szumski, and Scott Barbour, editors This volume is definitely a disappointing end to an excellent series.  Instead of the excellence reached by most other volumes of this series [1] [2] [3] … Continue reading

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