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The Mutiny Of Norfolk Island

The history of Norfolk Island is one with a fair amount of breaks—it was originally colonized by East Polynesians but had long been vacant when it was settled as a penal colony offshore from Australia, then vacant again before it … Continue reading

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We Might As Well Be Strangers For All I Know Of You Now

Her name is Natalia Druyts, but she goes professionally by her first name and is known in her native Belgium simply as Natalia. Or rather, she is known her native Flanders, where she graduated as a translator in English and … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Natures Of Maps

The Natures Of Maps: Geographic Constructions Of The Natural World, by Denis Wood & John Fels There are many individual fallacies in this book, far too many for a modest length book review like this one to discuss in any … Continue reading

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