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See In Color

Tuesday night, in the intermission between the first and second half of the CASA training [1], I ended up chatting with the person who led the first half’s discussion about communication and conflict resolution strategies.  He was talking about politics, something … Continue reading

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What Would You Want On Your Tombstone?

When I was a child, one of the more amusing commercials on television that I remember featured a person blindfolded and facing a firing squad, and asked what they wanted on their tombstone, and the response would be something like … Continue reading

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Book Review: Micro Nations: The Lonely Planet Guide To Home-Made Nations

Micro Nations:  The Lonely Planet Guide To Home-Made Nations, by John Ryan, George Dunford, Simon Sellars, and Simon Hall As someone who has read my fair share of travel guides [1], I found this to be an amusing and brief … Continue reading

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