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She Who Had Been The Wife Of Uriah The Hittite

When I posted a somewhat lengthy but still brief discussion of the women in Matthew’s Genealogy of Jesus Christ yesterday night [1], fairly quickly I received a series of posts that indicated that what I had written about Bathsheba may … Continue reading

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Dark Necessities Are Part Of My Design

The last two days, for me, are a good reminder to me of how complicated and busy my life is, and how even on my “off” time I am still busy going from one activity to another with very little … Continue reading

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Book Review: The World’s Last Night And Other Essays

The World’s Last Night And Other Essays, by C.S. Lewis One of many posthumous collections of Lewis writings, and part of Lewis’ large body of work as an essayist and thinker [1], this book offers seven essays that fit within … Continue reading

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