Dark Necessities Are Part Of My Design

The last two days, for me, are a good reminder to me of how complicated and busy my life is, and how even on my “off” time I am still busy going from one activity to another with very little rest between them. After going to church yesterday I showed off my illuminati tie clip to one of my fellow brethren who had asked about it, which prompted a sense of hilarity among a few people, largely because few people are less likely to be super-secret powerful people than someone like myself. The reaction people have to my wearing the Freemasonry tieclip I inherited from my grandfather is the same reaction people have when I show myself knowledgeable about sports or gangsta rap [1], as it is something they simply do not see coming and find to be completely out from left field, maybe not in a bad way, but in a quirky and unusual way. I suppose I should not mind that sort of thing, given that I am a quirky and unusual person, but all the same it is something I notice nonetheless.

The sermon yesterday was on boasting, and the pastor, as he often does, harped on a matter he often does, even as I found it a bit upsetting that neither of the announcements I was a part of or had submitted were read yesterday. And the matter kept on coming up in various ways throughout the course of the weekend. I spoke with various people about Spokesmen’s Club and got their feedback, both at services yesterday and at the senior brunch today, and I was asked about whether I had been put on the local speaking schedule yet, and I said I had not but did not know why, and had not had any reason given, or any response to my request to speak more often in Hood River. It would be one thing to be condemned for an actual wrong, but an entirely worse thing to be misjudged when my conscience and conduct were clean. How does one banish the shadows of innuendo and overcome vicious slander and defamation/ Such problems frequently plague me and I must admit that I do not know how to resolve them easily or effectively.

Naturally, I was very busy after services were done as well. After a delay with the beginning of the snack line, I ate and then rushed off to a practice for the a capella group, which went well, even if there were some people who were not there that probably could have been there, and some people who were there who had not been to many previous practices, which made things more difficult. After that there was memorial service for one of the local brethren who was an acquaintance of mine [2] and the best friend of someone I know well, where the air conditioner failed on the worst possible day and where the person giving the memorial service was in the mood to give the most possible citations about our hope in the resurrection to come, and where it seemed as if I was the only person flipping to the references while everyone else just sat and listened. After that was done there were very touching reminisces from friends and family, including a couple of ones that brought tears to my eyes, including a statement from the deceased man’s father-in-law who said he was the best son-in-law one could have hoped for and commented on the sneaking out they did as young lovers. It struck me as well that he had said that he did not want to linger but rather die like sleep. I am not the sort of person who would wish to linger either. If life is to be ceaseless torment ending in a brutal demise, I would just rather it be over and done with in a hurry. After the memorial service was over, I quickly dashed off to another practice and by the time that one was over it was time to vacate the building.

By the time that had happened, I only had an hour between the time it was and the time I needed to be at the home of some friends for our regular tabletop gaming [3], where we had an extremely large group of people, including four people who had not been there the first night, which required a lot of time consuming work to get everyone together. By the time we were finished it was after 1AM, I had to get up somewhat early, and when I got home there had been a somewhat passive-aggressive note from my roommate on the bathroom door, but at least I hope a good time had been had by all, even if it was quite time consuming getting everything done. By the time I got to bed it was after 2AM, and at 7AM I woke up and got ready for the Senior Brunch, before topping off the gas in my car and driving there, where I helped set up and did my usual duty of guarding the lonely front entrance facing Chemewa Rd, where nobody ever goes. As might be imagined, I was quite tired when it was all done, even if I got peppered with questions about how more people from Portland could be involved and whether Portland’s leadership wants to be involved, even though I must say I found the entertainment this year to be excellent, with an adorable duet of “Lollipop,” an encouragement of audience participation on “Lean On Me,” a number I should really do for a variety show some time, and an original song from one of the young adults helping out about the way God (and godly parents) feel about their offspring that brought tears to my lachrymose eyes. And still, after that, there was no rest, as I had errands to run, cleaning to do, audiobooks to pick up, and books to read, and essays to write before I closed my weary eyes to sleep. There is no rest for the wicked, I guess.

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