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Book Review: A Visual Guide To Gospel Events

A Visual Guide To Gospel Events: Fascinating Insights Into Where They Happened And Why, by James. C. Martin, John A. Beck, and David G. Hansen Over and over again while reading this book one is presented with the question of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sacred Geography

Sacred Geography: Deciphering Hidden Codes In The Landscape, by Paul Devereux If you want a good book on geomancy that features a lot of pictures and maps and that can demonstrate the persistence of pagan thought and religious worldview on … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Barbra Streisand

Let me share a secret with you. I dislike most of the music of Barbra Streisand, and those times where I hear her often melodramatic songs on the radio, I change the station. But, like most people, I assumed she … Continue reading

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