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The Intractable Dilemma Of Presence And Absence

Among the many intractable dilemmas of my life [1] is the intractable dilemma of presence and absence. For lack of a better way of putting it, I am a haunted soul, tormented by the ghostly presence of history and memory … Continue reading

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When You Know That I Was Always On Your Side

“Always On Your Side” is, to date, the most recent Top 40 hit for both of its duet participants, Sheryl Crow and Sting. A lovely and beautiful example of the “late” period of pop songs for both musicians, it is … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Art Of Raising Children

The Art Of Raising Children: Teaching Children The Infinite Way, by Eileen Bowden In many ways, this book feels like a bait and switch. A reader who had no idea what the “Infinite Way” being spoken of by its author, … Continue reading

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