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Another Dumb Blonde

If one is looking for one of the most bizarre but also enjoyable perfect winter storms regarding music history, one would be hard pressed to come up with an example like that of Hoku’s rise to popularity in early 2000. … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Darwin Awards III

The Darwin Awards III:¬† Survival Of The Fittest, by Wendy Northcutt In reading this book I have profound mixed feelings.¬† On the one hand, I have made my own personal opposition to the mistaken underpinnings of this particular award rather … Continue reading

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Book Review: How To Think About Evolution

How To Think About Evolution¬†& Other Bible-Science Controversies, by L. Duane Thurman Originally published in 1977, little has happened in the last forty years to diminish the value or the refreshing nature of this book when one examines the continuing … Continue reading

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