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Because I Knew You, I Have Been Changed For Good

Some time ago, I read about the phenomenon that what we find changes who we become [1].  This is also true of who we find as well.  It is not hard for me to see where I have been drastically … Continue reading

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Choose Your Adventure: Samuel

After the foul-up that happened the last time I was scheduled to give Sabbath School class [1], I was scheduled next to give a lesson on Samuel.  Now, having previously spoken on Samuel, having written about him on several occasions, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Mr. Lincoln’s Washington

Mr. Lincoln’s Washington:  A Panorama Of Events In Washington From 1861 To 1865 Taken From Local Newspapers And With Over 250 Illustrations, by Stanley Kimmel I picked up this particular volume because it looked like a quirky Civil War book … Continue reading

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Book Review: Crossroads Of Freedom: Antietam

Crossroads Of Freedom:  Antietam:  The Battle That Changed The Course Of The Civil War, by James M. McPherson Readers familiar with James McPherson as a military historian [1] are aware of the fact that there are at least two different … Continue reading

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