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Sleep Fleeing From The Eyes

Last night was one of those unfortunate nights where the pain of gout kept me awake and in a fair amount of suffering during the course of hours where I would have preferred to have, if possible, peaceful and dreamless … Continue reading

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Mysteries Of The Bible: Does Isaiah 66:24 Speak Of Immortal Worms?

One is put in the way of biblical mysteries in a variety of different ways [1].¬† Sometimes people ask you questions and you go about answering them.¬† Recently, my congregation had a sermonette class where I delivered a message on … Continue reading

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Book Review: Enemies Of The Heart

Enemies Of The Heart: ¬†Breaking Free From The Four Emotions That Control You, by Andy Stanley This book, like a few others [1], was recommended to me by a friend of mine who I once briefly dated as a college … Continue reading

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Book Review: Simpler Times

Simpler Times, by Thomas Kinkade with Anne Christian Buchanan I had not seen this particular book on the shelf beside me until the book (along with a puzzle) fell off of the bookshelf into my dirty laundry hamper and startled … Continue reading

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