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How A Karen Birthday Party Is Like A Wedding

This evening the Karen woman who cleans our Teacher’s House, as well as the offices in the farm and the home of the son of my boss called me inviting all of our students and teachers to a birthday party … Continue reading

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Where Is The Wuv?

Because the word “love” is so often abused when it comes to the way we expect to be treated by others, I have invented the word “wuv” to describe the sappy, feel-good, kid-glove way people expect to be treated, and … Continue reading

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The Implications Of The Fifth Commandment On Ecclesiology

Having already commented some about the promises given to those who obey the fifth commandment already recently [1], I do not wish to repeat myself here. Nonetheless, I did wish to examine an often neglected implication of the fifth commandment … Continue reading

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