First Impressions Of St. Vincent

Some islands make a stronger impression than others.  At about 10AM or so I arrived with my folks in St. Vincent.  The flight came into the airport on the coast and one could see that the island had plenty of hills and terraces and was quite green as well.  Arriving in the island, we waited for a ride that wasn’t coming for a few minutes and then took a taxi drive to the hotel we will be staying at for the Feast, Sunset Shores.  While at the airport I noticed plenty of celebrations for the 40th anniversary of independence for St. Vincent and the Grenadines as well as advertisements for Grant Thornton’s auditing as well as some other products and services.  On the way to the hotel we had a taxi driver who shared a lot of information about the history and geography of the island and the note that St. Vincent itself is focused on growing crops while tourists tend to prefer the smaller and more resort-focused Grenadines, only seven of which or so are actually inhabited.

By and large St. Vincent is an easy island to like.  It is sufficiently obscure that anyone who knows about it is going to be far more knowledgeable than most people.  We managed to hear the theme song of the 40th anniversary of St. Vincent and the Grenadine independence and the song expressed a hope in a better future and in “renewal” for the nation.  One wonders what renewal would look like for a small nation that has a large amount of people who do seasonal agricultural labor elsewhere.  The island has some beautiful homes and some successful businessman who build castles and there are clearly areas and niches where travelers enjoy coming to the islands and enjoying what they have to offer.  The climate of the island is hot and humid and I have enjoyed a great deal of time resting and relaxing since arriving, and we’ll see if that continues to be the case throughout the Feast.  By and large my impressions of the island nation are positive and I am curious to see what plans the nation has for its next forty years and for its ambitions of national renewal.

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