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Peace For All Who Desire Peace

There is a strange tension at the heart of pacifist thought.  If one was uncharitable, one might even consider it to be a contradiction.  I should note at the outset that I do not consider myself a pacifist.  My own … Continue reading

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Book Review: Peace: A Very Short Introduction

Peace:  A Very Short Introduction, by Oliver P. Richmond This little book, which is thankfully very short, has at its heart a very deep contradiction.  Not only does it show the peace movement as being like feminism in that in … Continue reading

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Book Review: Peace: Making Our World A Better Place

Peace:  Making Our World A Better Place, by Faces For some reason that I cannot entirely understand, my library shelved this short magazine aimed at preteens to help indoctrinate them into antiwar leftwing politics as a book, even though it … Continue reading

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Book Review: Working For Peace

Working For Peace:  A Handbook Of Practical Psychology And Other Tools, edited by Rachel M. MacNair and Psychologists For Social Responsibility There is a lot of area where I disagree with the approach of these authors concerning their pacifism.  Although … Continue reading

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