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Crises Of Legitimacy

There has never been any shortage of disagreement in this world, and some of these disagreements have always had the tendency to go awry.  A brother is jealous that God accepts the sacrifice of the other brother and not his … Continue reading

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Book Review: Bloom’s Major Literary Characters: Satan

Bloom’s Major Literary Characters:  Satan, edited by Harold Bloom This book was one that pleased me a great deal for a variety of reasons.  For one, the book itself consists of various essays that discuss what some literary critical writers … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Death Of Satan

The Death Of Satan:  How Americans Have Lost The Sense Of Evil, by Andrew Delbanco This book is both a compelling one as well as one that challenges the spirit of the times.  The contemporary period of the United States … Continue reading

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Book Review: Required Reading

Required Reading:  Why Our American Classics Matter Now, by Andrew Delbanco In reading this book I must admit that I have mixed to adverse feelings about a lot of the books that were included as classics.  All of that, of … Continue reading

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