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On Feeling One’s Time Wasted

One of the things I like to ponder is the way that I feel my time to be wasted. There are some activities that take a fair amount of time but do not feel as if the time is being … Continue reading

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Car On Fire

This evening, as I was on my way to dinner, I noticed a particularly unpleasant and acrid smell as I pulled up to stop at a railroad crossing to wait for the Max train to make its way eastward. After … Continue reading

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Legends Of The Grift

One of the most curious aspects of contemporary political life is the way that people enter into political life as people with fairly ordinary standards of living and net worth and then find themselves after years of political office with … Continue reading

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Her Face Just Ghostly, Turned A Whiter Shade Of Pale

Let’s take a trip backwards. Last night at our variety show, the first act was a keyboard organ/guitar duet where our pastor and one of the members of our congregation performed an original song written about a late member of … Continue reading

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Circles Around This Town

What is it that we want from other people? One of the characteristic communications problems I find in dealing with others is that there is a mismatch between what people want and how they expect to get it. I do … Continue reading

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You Speak My Language

From time to time I find myself interacting with people whose knowledge of English is shaky and who speak other languages far better. For example, over the past few days I have been dealing with a German person with broken … Continue reading

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On The Conversations That Don’t Happen

For reasons that remain mysterious to me, in my youth I never considered the formal study of communications. This is not to say that I have not always been interested in an implicit way in the problems of communication, not … Continue reading

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Somewhere Outside You And I Both

One of the people I interact the most with is someone whose views on music are diametrically opposed to mine. This is not necessarily a bad thing–it can be highly entertaining to engage with people whose tastes are wildly different … Continue reading

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Not Every Knight Is A White Knight

One of the more frustrating aspects of the contemporary world is the way that behavior which is at least partially laudable is twisted and viewed in a highly negative light. It is not merely that we celebrate bad behavior that … Continue reading

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Rooting Interest

One of the more characteristically Nathanish things I like to do is observe the patterns and habits and behaviors of other people around me. Being someone who is more than usually habitual and regular in my habits, it is by … Continue reading

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