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Mysteries Were Meant To Be Solved

One of the occupational hazards of reading mystery novels is that one fancies oneself a bit of a detective.  If one likes puzzles and problems and mysteries, and I sure do [1], then one tends to see the loose threads … Continue reading

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The Rumination After The Conversation

Social events like today tend to provide me with a fair amount of stress.  There are a variety of reasons for this.  For one, I tend to be relatively busy, as I was today, with various responsibilities to keep the … Continue reading

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Conversations With My Readers: Part One

One of the intended purposes of my blog is to help spur on conversations on various topics, and from time to time my readers oblige my wish for my blogging to be an aid to interpersonal communication in a variety … Continue reading

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Portland Anonymous: Fragment Twenty-One

We are gathered here today in the sort of scene that I don’t think anyone wants to see.  For those of us who knew the man whose life we honor and celebrate today, I think it is clear that he … Continue reading

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Sometimes The Greatest Way To Say Something Is To Say Nothing At All

2018 has been a terrible year for music.  It has featured songs that had big debuts and then flopped hard, songs that were released too late in the year to qualify for its year end top 100 list, and songs … Continue reading

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Major And Minor, Or How To Have A Productive Day While In Bed

By the time any of you read this, much of it will probably be out of date, but sometimes I write for myself and only incidentally and accidentally for anyone else.  I thought it might be entertaining for some of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Words And Witnesses

Words And Witnesses:  Communition Studies In Christian Thought From Athanasius To Desmund Tutu, edited by Robert H. Woods Jr. & Naaman K. Wood [Note:  This book was provided free of charge by Hendrickson Publishers.  All thoughts and opinions are my … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On The Fall Of Adam And Eve

Today, humorously enough, it fell upon me to discuss the fall of Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden [1] today for the kiddos of the fourth through sixth grades in my local congregation. As is often the case, … Continue reading

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I Want You To Be Happier

By and large, I am pretty happy that Bastille has their second top ten hit with their collaboration with top producer Marshmello in “Happier.”  To be sure, it is not nearly as good a song as the group has been … Continue reading

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Hoist With Their Own Petard

Sometimes expressions are so common that we cease to think of how revolutionary or how alarming they are.  Let us take, for example, the expression “hoist with their own petard,” which first appears in the English language in Shakespeare’s classic … Continue reading

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