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Against The Spirit Of The Times

Every age has its own zeitgeist, and it is always wrong.  That is not to say that it is completely wrong, but no age’s zeitgeist was completely in error.  Even if you look at the worst regimes in human history, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Letters Of Note

Letters Of Note:  An Eclectic Collection Of Correspondence Deserving Of A Wider Audience, compiled by Shaun Usher Being a person fond of compiling compendia, it is little surprise that I would enjoy reading them as well, and as someone who … Continue reading

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These Words Are My Own

To what extent do our words belong to us?  At first glance, we bear a great deal of responsibility for our words, and we often take great pride in them.  Entire books are filled with quotations that people have been … Continue reading

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All The Little Connections

It does appear as if the human mind is hard-wired to make connections, but given the way that memories are made and habits are formed through the building of neurons and paths between them, it would make perfect sense that … Continue reading

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Over the past few days I have pondered various aspects of what is a consistent problem, namely the fact that we are beings with both a rich interior life and a major lack of ability in understanding what goes on … Continue reading

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The Troll In Me And The Troll In You

One of the more humorous aspects of the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen is his expression that he had a bit of the troll in him.  Although the word troll has a greatly different semantic domain when one is dealing with … Continue reading

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Baby Talk

The concept of the movie Baby Geniuses always bothered me, with the idea that children had some kind of telepathic communication that was lost when verbalization began.  Rather than seeing talking as a step back from some sort of idealized … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Different Drum

The Different Drum:  Community Making And Peace, by M. Scott Peck This book is an example of a work that began very well and ended with somewhat of a thud.  And why was that the case?  Most of this book … Continue reading

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Talking Is Hard: The Many Consequences Of An Obvious Truth

From time to time I like to reflect on the connections that draw my often disparate reflections and ruminations together.  I tend to find that I am both more complex and more simple than people tend to recognize, more layered … Continue reading

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Coercion All The Way Down

I have commented before concerning the issue of coercion as well as coercive logic in a variety of circumstances.  When I started writing this blog, I did not think that coercion would be such a big part of my beat … Continue reading

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